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D and Justin Verrengia are two entrepreneurs that went from struggling to afford to pay rent in a small apartment, to creating a million dollar business online by not only helping themselves, but by inspiring others to do the same.

The 411 on Justin and D. Verrengia

For those who’ve been listening, it’s become easy to hear: The buzz surrounding Justin Verrengia and his wife D – yes, that’s her real name! – is louder than ever. Given what this pair does, though, people whose interests or lines of work lie outside the marketing space may not have heard of Justin or his wife.

They’re pretty cool, though, so this little biographical sketch is an effort to remedy that.

LIFE (OR SOMETHING LIKE IT) With Justin Verrengia

The best place to start any story is at the beginning, and this one is no exception. To that end, let’s explore a little bit of backstory, shall we? A few years back, he and his wife were contemplating what most married couples contemplate before too long – starting a family of their own. There was just one thing standing in their way: Justin didn’t even have enough money to pay the rent. The addition of a baby to the family, regardless of desire, was simply not feasible. According to his own talks on that period of his life, Verrengia felt like a total failure. Something had to change, and change now.

But what?


A wise man once said that the truly down and out are closer than anyone to the top of the world. After all, once you hit rock bottom, you don’t have anything left to lose. It would seem that Justin and his wife know good advice when they hear it, because just a short time after the baby talk, Justin plunged into the work of rebuilding his life with vigor and determination.

By the way, he’s the first person to tell you he had (and still has) an edge that many entrepreneurs don’t – a wife brimming with support and encouragement. Thus it was that Team Verrengia, as they jokingly refer to themselves nowadays, began to explore the murky world of Multi-Level Marketing, aka MLM. They couldn’t know it then, but their entire world was about to change.



“Verrengia”. It sounds like an alien race from Star Trek. That’s fitting, since those who know and work with him today through the Empower Network call him “the Jedi Hippie”. You see, Just is, well, imagine a guy with the peacefulness of a Buddhist monk and the ambition and marketing savvy of Gordon Gekko. Word on the street is that his wife’s not too shabby in this department, either.

The point is, Justin and D Verrengia are both really nice, really smart folks, and that persona extends to both work and their personal lives. The same pair of people who couldn’t make rent just a short time ago are now making somewhere in the neighborhood of a zillion dollars a month doing what they love, but what’s mot important is that it hasn’t changed who they are as people. That’s rare, and very special.

Speaking of work, The Empower Network (their “employer”, more or less, and the world’s most well-known MLM network) isn’t the focus of this article. It is, however, the perfect place to wrap up this little biography.

The Real D And Justin Verrengia

As it happens, Justin and D still remember what those early, lean, uncertain days were like, which is why they’re both nearly always willing to give people a few words of encouragement, whether the subject is success marketing or just normal, everyday life. As such, this article will close with the same advice to its readers as Justin and D have so often given to their friends, neighbors, and others who’ve stumbled upon them:

Be yourself, and love yourself, because there’s only one you, and you’re it until the day you die. Work your butt off to get what you want, because true success takes nothing less than one hundred percent of your best effort. Most of all, remember that you can do and be anything you want – you just have to want it badly enough. Wise counsel indeed.

One more thing: To learn more about D & Justin Verrengia, or about his coaching and training opportunities, be sure to check out the Justin Verrengia blog!

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